Wait. What do I mean by that??

Okay, let me break it down for you. This website serves only one purpose…to allow me space to express my creativity and share my thoughts. (Is that technically two?) 

Now that we’ve clarified, go ahead and poke around. Check out my menu above for ramblings from my brain. Check out my links below to social media happenings. 


Yes, I make YouTube videos. But, this page isn't about the views, I just have fun making videos and sharing what I'm into lately. It's also been awhile since I last filmed. Hoping to get back into that soon!


I've recently been introduced to the Pro-Metabolic mindset and absolutely am in love with the practice of Nourishing Your Body. I plan to share more as I dive deeper into this world.


Since I was a little girl, I've always wanted to be my best self. These days I find myself seeking better health and fitness. I get so much encouragement from others who share their stories, that I just have to share mine to hopefully pay it forward.

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08/20/2022 Health Update

Well hi friends. Long time no chat. If you’ve been following my health journey, here’s a little update. The heat from the summer has been brutal for me. My left…

Brief About Me

Who is Jessica Walla? Great question. Let me try to answer that…

I’m a thirty-something year old mama living in the Seattle area with my hubby. Two of the most important things to me are my family, and my faith. 

What makes me a bit different than others, I think, is my story. Someday I’ll put our entire medical trauma story in a blog (or two or ten), but in summary, my family has been through more medical trauma than the average person. And, here’s a glimpse into who I am. Through all of the, what felt like hell, we’ve been through, I stand here today and tell you, GOD IS GOOD

My current health challenges revolve around neurological symptoms and weight imbalances caused by things like extreme stress. To give a slice of the story to you,  in January 2021, doctors found lesions on my brain stem, and treated me with a very high dose of IV Steroids. They tell me if that happens again, which they say it likely will, it could be fatal, because of the power the brain stem holds in the body. As of August, 2022, we have not seen any more lesions. But they tell me it typically happens every few years for people. 

Not going to lie, hearing these things terrified me, and shook me to my core. But I WILL NOT let this defeat me. I chose to seek answers and have seen so many different types of doctors and have had extensive testing done. And by extensive, I refer mostly to the astronomical amount of blood tests I have done. I can’t tell you I have found an answer as to what caused those lesions. I don’t know if I ever will. But, I don’t intend on stopping my search. I figure if anything, it will push me to be my healthiest self, which is something I’ve wanted for a long time now.


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