DANG Has My Health Been Rocked

January 4th 2021: Neurological symptoms extreme enough to start the investigation of symptom cause via many many test. 

January 31, 2021: Call from on-call doctor stating there was so much inflammation in my brain I needed to immediately be put on steroids and consult neurologist. She told me it looks like MS – Multiple Sclerosis. 

This story is a LONG one. I can only summarize by bullet pointing the most important information. 

  • Immediately received HIGH dose of IV steroids
  • Experienced SEVERE anxiety and insomnia post steroids
  • 1st Neuro thought probably MS but could not diagnose
  • 2nd Neuro thought probably NOT MS but couldn’t rule it out. 
  • I started a journey searching for answers and a root cause
  • I found many factors that contributed as a combined root cause
  • I will never view anyone’s health journey the same. 
More to come..