How I Use Young Living Essential Oils In My Home

Young Living Essential Oils for Anxiety and A Roller Bottle With White Angelica, Peace and Calming, Valor, Idaho Blue Spruce, and Hope oils

Anxiety Roller.
Oils: Valor, Hope, White Angelica, Peace & Calming, Idaho Blue Spruce

After having my daughter, I came down with a terrible stomach bug, that wiped out the good flora in my stomach and left me even more sleep deprived as I was waking every few hours at night to feed my daughter. This sparked an intense hormone reaction and I started to experience something a lot of new moms experience, but don’t always talk about…. Post-Partum Anxiety. In addition to changing my diet to heal my gut and get my hormones back on track, I’ve been using oils to help me in the moment whenever I’m feeling anxious. Valor has been so amazing for me and I’ve come to absolutely love the smell. I call this roller I made for my anxiety “Brave” because my anxiety makes me feel like “I just can’t do it”, which I know in reality is not true at all, and if I feel “Brave” to get through that moment, things will get better.


Not only is Valor my favorite oil to help me feel unstoppable, it is also my favorite smelling oil to use as a non-toxic perfume. Really, I can just use my “Brave” roller because all of those oils combined are amazing, but if all I had was this bottle of Valor, I would still be able to wear a light, non-intrusive scent.

Coming Soon!
Raising a munckin while also working while still trying to maintain a social life has kept me very busy and I’ve not been able to work on my website or Youtube as much as I’d like. Soon I hope to share how I use oils for Sleep. Laundry, in my hand soap, Dish Soap, cleaning products, in my Mascara and Diffusers. I even use them in my car!

Until then,
xoxo, Jessica

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