Incorporate Easy Routines Into Your Everyday

girl in her twenties working out and doing push ups outdoors by the waterfront

Girls Can Do Push-Ups Too!

We really can. I really challenge myself to complete as many full push-ups (on my toes) as I can! It’s not always easy, and I’ll be honest, there are nights where I am so sore I can only do push-ups on my knees, but I still call that progress in my book. Last month, I challenged myself to 20 push-ups every day. This month, I upped it to 30. It was such an easy thing to incorporate into my day (actually, most days I’m doing them right before bed because that’s when I remember I still need to do them, ha!). This little step has slightly increased my strength, started toning my arms up, and has positively influenced my performance in the gym. The mental and physical strength I have gained from doing this can’t be beat and I highly encourage it!

Consistency Is Key

In addition to this new push-up routine, I’ve also challenged myself to complete a short ab workout every day. Last month I started with 50 reps of crunches or sit ups. This month, I took the advice of my trainer and upped my goal to 100. It’s really not a lot. But most nights, I still don’t feel like doing it. You know what helps keep me motivated? Starting to see even the slightest bit of definition after days of consistent work. Now, you should know, I still have a decent amount of belly fat to lose.. So what I’m seeing are not pure ab muscles. And, I also do full body workouts 3 times a week, which involve moves targeted at core strength. But, I was doing those workouts prior to starting my little routine, and I just could never get the same results, so I know this is helping.

Suggestions for Getting Started

In the 28 years that I have been alive, I have come to terms with the fact that I am motivated by competition. This probably stems from having a younger sister who was close in age and good at everything, so I always felt I needed to do better and be better so I could still set a good example for her. All that being said, an option for you to get motivated is to compete with someone. Here’s how I did it.

coffee beans on a table with two glasses and a picture frame

I challenged my husband. We started this competition and we have both found so much success in it! We made a list of things that we wanted to start incorporating into our routine, and every day we take a tally of how many we completed by giving our selves points (we use coffee beans) for each completed task. At the end of the month, if we hit our goal # of points, we get an Amazon gift card. Last month, I bought workout gear with my prize. Go figure. If you want to give this try, I could put together a post with more detailed instructions. Just leave a comment down below to let me know!

Also, what are your favorite workout tips?

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