What Is Keto

But First,  A Disclaimer:

Although it is gaining extreme popularity these days, the Ketogenic lifestyle or rather, way of eating, is so much more than a ” fad diet”. It personally don’t consider it a short-term diet at all due to the fact that it can be easily sustainable, and many people have eaten this way for years. (Someone did point out that this is dependent on your personality type and goals, so do keep that in mind). Another great reason to not consider it a “typical” diet is the fact that this lifestyle requires you eat whole, non-processed foods, lots of organic vegetables, and high-quality, organic and grass fed meats, and there are thousands of tasty, easy recipes to make this all possible. That sounds like sustainable healthy eating to me.

Brief Summary (As I understand It)

The word Keto comes from Ketosis, a state in which your liver is using fat that has been broken down into ketone bodies for energy. (typically, our bodies use glucose as the primary source of energy). To obtain ketosis, one’s diet would need to be adjusted to a higher fat intake, slightly higher protein intake, and much lower carbohydrate intake. A common breakdown is something like 70% healthy fats, 20% protein, and 5% carbohydrates from whole foods.

A Ketogenic lifestyle has been used to treat things like epilepsy in children, obesity, diabetes (type 2, ketosis can be dangerous for type 1) and even schizophrenia. Many people find great success in using it for weight loss and I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that is the reason the majority of people start Keto. In fact, one of the most common results/benefits I’ve come across seems to be weight loss. Then there’s also the increased mental clarity and brain function, less oxidative stress and inflammation, and reduced appetite and cravings. All great reasons to at least consider it.

Some of my biggest influences for starting Keto have been sites and podcasts such as Wellness Mama, The Model Health Show, Dr Mr Hyman, and Mark Sisson. Couldn’t not give them a shout out!


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